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Logo work for the band ‘Lucky’

Check them out here:

Some Loops

Artwork for Grand District artist Galaxy High.

Personal Work: ‘Till-Martin-Hawkins’ (W.I.P)

Flyer Designs

Nude Work Series. (Work in Progress)

Jisike x Larkby

Late chop for Beat Inn.

Summer Girl
Title: Blind In Autumn

ROOTS - with Galaxy High

Macabre pt1 (unfinished)

Heres a sneak peek at a series me and glenn planned. 

Model: Grace
Art Direction/Styling/Editing: Nwike Jisike
Photography/Lighting: Glenn Larkby
Shoot Assistant: Alex Hosking
"Till I Die" Series development. Created by Nwike Jisike(concept/graphics/colour) & Finbar Colivet Dennison (Illustration)

logo ideas for Zulekha Lakeca.

Title: “The American Dream” pt2